Sunday, March 16, 2008

Slowing down... strict orders of my midwife.

We had quite a scare this weekend when, after returning home Saturday morning after working a full 12 hour (crazy busy) shift at the hospital, I began experiencing contractions and bleeding. I had no sooner walked in the door when I was walking right back out again with Darren, heading back to L&D where a bed was already awaiting me! (I had called ahead to speak with the charge nurse first.)

After being hooked up to the external fetal monitor, it was apparent that I was, indeed, experiencing regular contractions, and an exam by my midwife revealed that I was dilated to two centimeters. Suspecting at first a UTI, which in some instances can lead to preterm labor, lab work was collected but actually ruled out any type of infection. Next was the fear that I may have a placenta previa or, even worse, a placental abruption, but thankfully, both of these were ruled out with an in depth ultrasound. I was started on oral doses of terbutaline to help stop my contractions, and injections of betamethasone to improve baby's lung development in the event that I did indeed deliver at 32 weeks (in which case I would have been transported to a different hospital, one with a tertiary care nursery; our hospital has only a Level II Special Care Nursery.)

Darren was able to be with me for most of the past two days, as fortunately my dad and my best friend were available to take turns watching our big kids. I was able to come home late this afternoon, but will continue the terbutaline until I reach 36 weeks. I also received orders that I am not to return to work until after the baby is born, and I have been placed on modified bed rest...meaning that I may resume normal, light household duties, stopping to rest every 2-3 hours. I feel quite optimistic at this point that we will ultimately experience a term, healthy delivery of our baby girl, but I am still, of course, a little worried about the logistics of how these next few weeks will work. Darren is planning to take the next two days off from work, and don't worry: I have no plans for any further home organization projects! We'd already made great progress and the rest is stuff that Darren can finish...under my scrutinous supervision, of course! :)

I think my biggest worry at this point is the continuing care of our sweet little Caitlyn. While she is recovering remarkably well, and is, for the most part, in very good spirits, she still refuses to use her crutches, despite the fact that we've been practicing with her all week. I'm still not entirely convinced that they're the right size for her, and she is having such trouble coordinating her efforts. And she screams every time that it's hurting her, and finally she just refuses to try any further. Exasperating as it was last week, I'm really starting to panic now as there is no way I will be lifting her for any reason from this point on. We're going to speak with her doctor tomorrow about the possibility of a walker, with which we think she might have a little more success.

I'm off now to enjoy a quick dinner with my hubby and kiddos, who I missed soooo much while I was in the hospital, and I'm really looking forward to following it with a nice, long, HOT shower! I can't wait to enjoy a nice long rest tonight in my own comfy bed. And please, if you could continue to pray for our family, we'd really appreciate it! Thanks, friends. I'll try to update frequently!


Blair said...

Praying for your family, Melissa!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog regularly. Sometimes it never rains but pours be assured of prayers for both you, your baby and your daughter. God Bless Sandra.

Cheryl said...

I will keep you in my prayers.

Lillian said...

I'll be praying for you as well as your Caitlyn. Get lots of rest!