Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I love our wild garden!

I hope that, through these photos, it's clear to see why I love our garden so much! It is a place in which we all feel very much at home and at peace, and it is our very favorite place to be. We are so thrilled with how well it's done in the two years since we first planted; the soil is so beautifully rich and our babies just thrive out there! The herbs have grown just crazy out of control and they are gorgeous! We just harvested the first of our tomatoes and still others are growing fat and heavy on their vines. Our first sunflower is just about to open, and Meghan was thrilled to find the first of this years raspberries while we were out the other night! Our garden is a constant work in progress, but it's work that we wouldn't trade for all the world!


mom-in-training said...

Breathtaking! What an amazing garden. I would LOVE to have a place like that. Unfortunately, I do not have a green thumb. Our new house has huge flowerbeds with lots of beautiful things growing in them, but I don't know how to care for most of it and it's starting to look pretty sad. Maybe if I stare at your beautiful pictures long enough, they will inspire me to actually work in my yard. Maybe. ;)

Thanks for sharing!

~ Judy ~ said...

Thanks for sharing!
What beautiful times shared for your sweet family!
God has surely blessed you!

I just wanted to let you know that I have featured your blog in my Blogger Spotlight this week!

You can visit
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Enjoy your family! (As I see that you do!)