Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My husband, the Nerd

I am so proud to have married a man who is, by his very nature, quite...well...nerdy. Make no mistake, I say this with the utmost love and respect! He loves to learn, and think, and discourse on a wide variety of topics. (I am put to shame when it comes to knowledge of world and current events!) We have cable TV because he would be absolutely lost without the History Channel, Food Network, and the Weather Channel. Seriously. He watches the Weather Channel for pleasure!

Still, when he told me this morning that he was going to stop by the bookstore on his way home from work at lunch to get some books to read while he recuperates from surgery (tomorrow! Prayers welcome and appreciated!), I was thinking along the lines of David Baldacci, maybe some Jeffrey Deaver, or, even better, perhaps a few books by James Patterson, a novelist we both immensely enjoy.

But no.

Why am I really not surprised? And why am I still laughing?


Matilda said...

My son was only 5 years old and would tell total strangers that Jim Cantore was his favorite meteorologist. How many 5 year olds have a favorite meteorologist? He was a big Storm Stories fan! Glad to know that there is a chance he will marry a lovely lady and have a beautiful family some day!

Prayers for your hubby!

And just for the record, my husband is a computer geek!

Crafty Mom said...

I think our husbands came from the same planet. I have a learning fanatic, who enjoys the science and history channels, and in the brief period that we had satellite instead of cable, thought he would die without the real local Weather Channel. I asked him once to pick up a book at the bookstore for pleasure reading that he thought I might like and he brought back the Diary of Lewis and Clark. What was he thinking? He does read physics for pleasure though:)

He who wears the most black wins. said...

I'm right there with ya on the adorable "nerdy" husband--who reads new programming languages and recent changes in tax laws for PLEASURE. Seriously. He and Darren would hit it off famously!

;) Looks like you had a wonderful Easter, as well. We did the EXACT same "new thing" this year and had no extended family over. While I, too, love all of my and Steve's family, it was really nice to start our own family tradition and just enjoy the day together with friends.

Much love and MANY prayers will be said as Darren recovers and your family adjusts.

He who wears the most black wins. said...

So glad the surgery went well. Take care of that husband and rest yourself! Update us when you can and know that I'll still be praying for you over the next few days.