Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Squirrel bite!

As a mom, I sort of feared that the same dumb things I did as a kid would be repeated by my own children.  Thankfully, though, they continue to surprise me--not a single one of them has ever severed part of their finger by slamming a door, or cracked their head open after standing (and falling off of) a basketball, or suffered a concussion by tangling themselves around a pullup bar and falling from the top of a doorway, or stapled their hand to a bulletin board (all true stories!).  They do,  however, manage to injure themselves in completely unique ways.  My poor Kristen is the only one of us who has ever been stung by a scorpion and now she can say that she is the only one of us to have ever been bit by a SQUIRREL!  Poor sweetheart.  She had seen a squirrel in our backyard last week and when she saw it in the garden on Monday, injured and covered in flies, she tried to take care of it by shooing them away.  She never expected the squirrel to jump at her and bite her hand!  Darren took her to the ER, where they soaked her hand and bandaged her up.  She was so excited to go to school the next day to show off her crazy injury!  That's my girl!  :)

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