Sunday, March 23, 2014


Caitlyn has been saving her money for quite a while now and really had her heart set on buying a guinea pig.  She researched how to care for them, and one recent afternoon I took her to the petstore to see if any were even available.  We both fell in LOVE with the little tan and white girl guinea pigs!  They were SO cute!  But, they cost $38.  The most basic cage we found for them was $45, and the combined expense of a water bottle, feeding dish, chew toy, food, hay, and bedding was an additional $50 (approximately).  She was pretty discouraged.  We decided to wait a while and think it over a little more.  

Fast forward about a week.  Darren is in line to buy cat food and dog food out at work, and strikes up a conversation with the lady behind him.  "Oh," she says, seeing the items he's about to purchase.  "You have pets?"   

"Yes," he answered.  "Two dogs, four cats, and now the kids want to buy a guinea pig!"

"Really?  A guinea pig?  I have one that needs a new home!"

What crazy perfect timing.  They arranged a time and place to meet, and Darren and Caitlyn brought "Cindy", along with her cage and all accessories, plus extra bedding and hay, home on Saturday morning.  Completely free.  The kids think she is just the cutest thing ever, and I have to say, I think  they might be right.  :)

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