Friday, September 02, 2011

More Cupcake Toppers!

Okay, now I'm stumped! I was having a great time making some more of these after dropping the kids off at school, but now I've reached a point of indecision. I had started off making all the dots and text the same color according to the character, but then just for fun I started using two colors and I really love the way those look, too! I still plan to mount the circles on a solid color cardstock, but I can't decide if that would look too "busy". What do you think? Of course I'll ask Dylan's opinion this afternoon and probably bug Darren to death about it when he gets home tonight, but any input you can offer would be appreciated. (And Jen, I think it would be so fun to make some of these for your son's birthday! We'll consider these my trial run.) ;)

Oops!  Editing to add that these are not all of the characters I have, but they're a good representation I think of what I'm working with.  Also, it occurred to me just now that I could easily make some with the same color borders and some dual tone.  And, obviously I'm way over thinking all of this.  I should probably just back slowly away from the computer for the time being.  :)

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