Monday, March 22, 2010

My little rockhounds

I am such a bad blogger. I just found all these wonderful photos in a drafts file I started last week. I don't remember now why I never published them! Anyway, I have to just preface this post by saying that my darling husband is a serious rockhound. We used to love going out collecting together before we were married (and even after, before we had kids) but he just doesn't take the time as often now to go out into the desert like he used to. He still loves his mineral collection though, and is always on the lookout to buy or trade with other enthusiasts that he knows here in town, and he is really hoping that our children will share his passion for rocks and minerals! So, he was more than happy to take them out rock collecting in the desert one day during "R" week, and, for the first time ever, we ALL went to the annual "Rockhound Roundup", a gem and mineral show hosted by the Deming Gem & Mineral Society, Inc. That was so much fun! The big kids were especially thrilled with all the free goodies being handed out by so many of the participants. :)


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based on your side bar it looks like it is one of your littles' birthdays today!
what fun! Hope it's a blessed day for Kristen! Is she really 2???