Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Photos

I was just sorting through my drafts folders and found this eclectic mix of photos that I somehow never posted. They're pretty cute, though, and I know I'll want to see them again someday down the road. And I'm sure the grandparents would like to see them, too. :)

These were actually taken the first weekend of November, right after Halloween. I love this first one, in which Dylan is hard at work excavating the pyramid we bought for him at the Renaissance Fair. Protective eyewear came included with the kit! I just love the sweet look of concentration evident on his happy face, and that hammering hand in motion!

These next few are a photo documentation of Kristen's first taste of "real" food: rice cereal! The lighting was horrible, because it was night time, but I was able to sort of salvage these through photoshop. I particularly love the second one. :)

And finally, because they're so pretty that I've yet to take them down, here are the Halloween mosaics the children made for our craft cabinet doors. I like that they fill the panes perfectly, resembling stained glass windows. We intentionally made them vaguely fall-ish rather than overtly Halloween, because I knew I'd never want to remove them. They're still hanging proudly in our learning room. :)

We've been slow to transition to Thanksgiving preparations, but we're excited now to finally be getting started. Darren has actually worked with the children on some cute Turkey crafts, and I've got a few ideas we might try today. Yesterday for our History lesson, Dylan read The First Thanksgiving to Caitlyn while she snuggled against him on the couch. There are days when I seriously question our decision to homeschool, but moments like these come along sweetly, unexpectedly, that make it all worthwhile. We are so blessed.


Melissa from MN said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories. It was a really ensuring to me that others question their homeschooling too, and still decide to stick with it. And all these special moments, sometimes silly ones, are part of that reason that we do!

BTW - I LOVE your new blogpage! It's so beautiful. How did you do it!?

God bless your family today!
Melissa from MN

Michelle said...

I love the collages. They are great!!!!

Sherri said...

I LOVE the pictures in the doors!!! I would want to leave them there too!!